• Stunning Saffordite Gemstones

    A unique tektite found only in the deserts of the southwestern United States. Some describe it as a fusion between Heaven and Earth... the result of meteor impacts that are known to have activating aspects for your consciousness as well as unique translucent qualities
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  • The Southwestern Desert...

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    …that Cintamani is a tektite. It is also known as Saffordite as it is named after the town closest to its location in the Arizona desert. According to Wikipedia, “Tektites are gravel-size bodies composed of black, green, brown or gray natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during extraterrestrial, meteorite impacts.” Every kind of tektite is unique to the specific event which created it!
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    that Saffordite is over 30 million years old and can only be found in the Arizona desert!

  • Tektites Appear!

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    that Saffordites are said to be the most powerful gemstones ever discovered with transcendent metaphysical qualities that exceed all other tektites, even more powerful than Moldavites!.

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Saffordite-Cintamani Translucent Tektite Stones from Arizona

Cintamani Stones aka Saffordite

saff sidebyside2 editHistory

This stone known as Saffordite for the sole location in which it is found, is more esoterially known as Cintamani.  It is said to be a sacred stone that came from the Sirius star system, a meteor that was once a planet. The Russian mystic and artist Nicolas Roerich is said to have taken the stone between 1923 and 1928 to reunite it with the "Mother Stone" it had been separated from in order to activate its stellar and multi-dimensional powers.   It is said that he carried samples of the stone found in the deserts of Arizona to the heartland of the Far East to accomplish this task by reuniting it with a massive jewel that was in Shambhala.

This Extra Terrestrial Stone had supposedly been brought to Earth by emissaries from the planet orbiting the star Sirius.  It has also been said that in the last 25,000 years, the positive Agarthans were guardians of Cintamani stones.  It is believeed the mother stone hit Earth, rebounded, and then shattered into mostly small pieces and then landed again on earth, later to be washed, tumbled and shaped in great alluvial flows of ancient rivers.   When the waters dried up they left the rounded, egg-shaped stones sitting on the dry desert amongst alluvial gravel flow and where they are found today.  All of them have curved edges or are shaped like tumbled stones, few, or none are sharp edged.

Whatever one believes or imagines to be the mystical powers or qualities of these tektites as they are known in scientific terms, they are fascinating and entrancing and fun to have and to hold.  They are rare and unique regardless of any metaphysical considerations, as they are found in only one place on Earth.  They are the result of some sort of collision between Earth and Sky, whereby a space traveling asteroid or meteor or planetoid entered the Earth's atmosphere and slammed into silica laden sands, causing the silica to be superheated in an instant and exploded back into the sky, whereafter they fell back to the Earth as small projectiles of molten glass and then waited until waters of ancient rivers carried them far away to eventually find their home in the deserts of Arizona, rounded and smooth and mysterious.  Only to wait until they were found and gathered up in a cool winter day under a gentle Arizona sky by our stalwart team of desert jewel hunters.   From there, they have been brought home to the folds of the PanTerra D'Oro Society, to be cleaned, categorized, weighed and prepared to be shipped to their new stewards and companions.   

Rarity and Location

Cintamani is found in only one location in the World, which is in the Arizona Desert.  It is estimated that as little as 50 kilograms are found per year, and for sure it is not being continuously produced.  Therefore, it is a limited commodity and hence, very rare, compared with most other stones.  They rank amongst the rarities of other tektites, the most noteworthy of which are the moldavites found in Moldavia.  The sizes vary from tiny fragments that weigh fractions of a gram, to larger rocks weighing up to a kilo, yet most are in the 2 gram to 20 gram category.   Our selection ranges from two to twenty grams, with very few exceeding ten grams. 

Qualities and Properties

Cintamani stones are pure Light and their energy can not be misused.  These stones are a jet matt black on the outside with a range of interior light from golden to beige to black.   The large majority of them are translucent in varying degrees.  When a light is shone through them, some are purely white translucent, some are opaque, and some have lines and stripes.  Each is unique. 

It is said and experienced that they have many qualities and properties including:

  • Helping to dissolve implants and strengthen one's inner guidance
  • They assist to connect you with your higher purpose in this lifetime
  • They are strong amplifiers and serve as a magnifying lens to show you what is inside of you
  • They are used to act as an inter-dimensional organic aid and provide support to the etheric and plasma fields of Earth
  • They help with rapid spiritual evolution and assist in the lifting and removal of veils
  • They are said to have the highest vibrational frequencies of any mineral, emanating pure light and love, manifesting the purity of the soul

Panterra D'Oro Private Society 

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